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Similar to my other tea recipe

Peppermint tea (1 bag)
1 cherry flavored lozenge (Ricola)
Lemon juice (to taste)
Honey (to taste)
1 spoonful of sugar (optional)
1 cut starwberry (cut into thirds)

If you’re trying to make a pitcher you just would time this by the serving size you may be trying to make. I’m sure this would taste good cold let this sit for so many minutes to an hour or so in the fridge before enjoying :)

5 Best Oils for Natural & Curly Hair



When it comes to maintaining your curly hair, you may be seeing lots of products bombarding the market touting all sorts of ingredients. Especially when it comes to the sheer number of natural hair oils, it can be confusing to know which one may work best for your hair. What oil should you be using on your hair strands? Use this guide to find out.

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